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Rhett starts Kindergarten this year and we are all so excited - especially him! Rhett has been my toughest to teach, even as a young toddler. He didn't speak any words until he was about 2.5, and even that was only because he started watching Blippi and just really absorbed everything he had to say. It really was like a miracle to watch him start talking in full sentences so shortly after not saying any words for so long!

Anywho, now that he's off to kindergarten in just a couple weeks, we still struggle with him knowing all the basics. And I know that's really what kindergarten is for, but I love for them to just have a basic stronghold on what they are walking into. Also, in my last "going into kindergarten" experience with Tanner, he was already reading books before walking through the kindergarten door for the first time. Carter wasn't but definitely loved to sit and learn more than Rhett has haha.

When giving Rhett workbooks to practice in every morning, I noticed that he was so overwhelmed and losing interest on practicing only one thing at a time. I certainly don't want his summer break to be full of dread and have a bad taste in his mouth of what learning is, so I came up with this little worksheet where he and I can just sit down for a little bit every morning and simply review the very basics of basics. And he's really enjoying it and adapting to it well. He even looks forward to it! So, I thought I'd pass it along to you if you have a struggling pre-schooler as well. I cannot wait to see how he flourishes in school! I know he's going to do great things! Simply click on one of the images below to get your free download. And of course, let me know how it works for you and your little one!

I designed the bottom to be a space where they can practice writing their name or any of those site words. We've been rotating names and writing/repeating any of the sight words above the lines.

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Guys - I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up my house lately. Not that I want to AT ALL... but because since June 2020, I've been having horrible back pain that has kept be basically seat-bound since. Well, about a month ago, I was able to get an epidural spinal injection. While I still feel pain (sometimes it's still intense), it's actually mostly gone. I'm trying to think of ways to ease back into not only cleaning my house, but also, exercising and living a normal life again... and just maybe also lose that 37lbs I've gained since then. 😩😭

I was doing some research on how I could break up cleaning our house into little segments - small tasks that I can do each day - instead of spending all day on the weekends doing chores (like we used to before my injury). That's mostly because my husband and I both work full time and that's really the only time we feel that we can clean.

I'm really hoping that this helps us - and maybe you and your family as well - keep our home clean and tidy - a place that we can enjoy and not be overwhelmed by like we have been for the last 8 months. Go ahead and click the photo to download and print!

Ah! Thanks for reading just a little bit farther! Attached, you'll also see the chore chart that my boys use each day to figure out what chores they need to complete before any screen time is done. Well, I also make them do some outdoor time and reading time (which is not included on this chore chart). I have this guy printed out and framed in a matted 11x14 (8x10 photo) frame and it's on the wall next to a basket of dry erase markers. Once the boys complete one of the tasks on their chart, they can put down their initial and then they get the cash that they earned each Saturday. They get $1 for each chore that they complete, and we are usually paying them $10-$15 each week depending on what they've completed. You'll notice that they don't have anything for sweeping and vacuuming because we got a Roomba that runs everyday now lol - LIFE SAVERRRR! Anywho, scroll to download and print your own chore schedule - and if you need it modified for your home, write down what you need on there and email me:

(Yes, the boys are SUPER good at making sure how much I know they're supposed to get paid... I didn't pay them last week, and yeah, they're keeping tabs.) Click the photo below to download and print your own kid's chore chart!

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Since the new iOS 14 update, I've been seeing just the sweetest phone wallpaper designs popping up and I definitely wanted to get in on designing some of them! So I made a couple this evening and asked my friends on Instagram if they'd be interested in seeing more... well the verdict was 100% yes (and I think it might be important to know that those who said no messaged me and said that they meant to say yes hahahaha). So, I thought it would be fun to post it here as well! Let me know what you think in the comments and also if you have any suggestions for a design you'd like to see!

Please follow me on Instagram: @fivebucksblog for the latest FREE artwork!

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