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  • Jenny Espino

The LFC Family Fun Block Party!

My church, Lompoc Foursquare Church asked me to create a new look for our annual Family Fun Block Party! It's held on Halloween each year as a safe alternative to trick or treating, but also, just to gather and have a lot of fun. There's lots of candy, laughs, and exciting things for the kiddos to do. SO MANY people come each year and it's just so cool to know that our church can generate such a big buzz! Get more info at

I was also asked to use the same design for a banner that they can display at the church not only for the event, but also during volunteer sign ups throughout the rest of this month and October.

Where we live, we have a huge Spanish speaking community, so I was also asked to create a Spanish version of the poster. It's so funny because they asked me if I knew Spanish... lol. No I don't. I told her, "I don't know much more than Hola... and I had to ask Anthony [my husband] how to spell it." 🤣 Anywho, luckily, they have someone on staff who speaks Spanish and was able to translate the whole poster for me.

On top of that, this year, October 31st lands on a Sunday, so they are inviting kids to wear costumes to Children's Church in the morning before the Block Party at night. So, they asked if I would create an invitation for that as well.

It's our family's tradition to enjoy this party each year. Do you have a family tradition besides trick or treating that you do on Halloween?

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