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Let's Go To Kindergarten!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Rhett starts Kindergarten this year and we are all so excited - especially him! Rhett has been my toughest to teach, even as a young toddler. He didn't speak any words until he was about 2.5, and even that was only because he started watching Blippi and just really absorbed everything he had to say. It really was like a miracle to watch him start talking in full sentences so shortly after not saying any words for so long!

Anywho, now that he's off to kindergarten in just a couple weeks, we still struggle with him knowing all the basics. And I know that's really what kindergarten is for, but I love for them to just have a basic stronghold on what they are walking into. Also, in my last "going into kindergarten" experience with Tanner, he was already reading books before walking through the kindergarten door for the first time. Carter wasn't but definitely loved to sit and learn more than Rhett has haha.

When giving Rhett workbooks to practice in every morning, I noticed that he was so overwhelmed and losing interest on practicing only one thing at a time. I certainly don't want his summer break to be full of dread and have a bad taste in his mouth of what learning is, so I came up with this little worksheet where he and I can just sit down for a little bit every morning and simply review the very basics of basics. And he's really enjoying it and adapting to it well. He even looks forward to it! So, I thought I'd pass it along to you if you have a struggling pre-schooler as well. I cannot wait to see how he flourishes in school! I know he's going to do great things! Simply click on one of the images below to get your free download. And of course, let me know how it works for you and your little one!

I designed the bottom to be a space where they can practice writing their name or any of those site words. We've been rotating names and writing/repeating any of the sight words above the lines.

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