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MOPS To The Full Devotional Posts

On our public-facing MOPS Facebook Page, I like to post a scripture and write a little coordinating devotional every Sunday morning. Here are some that we have done and you can post to your MOPS page too.

Learn to appreciate all that He has given you. Let Him teach you how to guard your heart from focusing on what you don't have or what you think you need. Fill yourself with thankfulness. Find joy in Him.

Be thankful for the gift of friendship. Try to be more intentional about nurturing friendships. Guide yourself to other women and moms that you can learn from and be a great friend to. It is SO hard to be a friend once kids come along, and your friendships will take extra work, but they are so worth it!

It's so so so hard to be a patient parent. But God is so so so patient with us. He can help us love and care for our children in a way that is patient, kind and wise. It's ok to have high standards for our kids, but expecting too much from them can be unhealthy. Expect progress, not perfection.

Don't be afraid about what other people think about you or your home. Instead, welcome friends into your home and focus on being fully present with your guests. Don't call you home messy, call it "lived in". Open the doors to your home and heart to love, serve and bless the people in your life.

Family is an amazing blessing that we are so thankful for. Make each day that you have with each other count. Find strength and wisdom to live each day with a greater purpose. Love, teach and equip your children to one day leave your home and one day create their own family rooted in His love.

Love your children with compassion, patience, instruction, and gentleness. When your kids misbehave or make mistakes, let the Lord's love flow through you so that your children know that they are loved and accepted.

As moms, we need to learn how to take fun more seriously. Is your home a fun place to live? How would your kids answer this question? Being a mom is stressful and exhausting, but we need to remember to gift our children with laughter, fun and lightheartedness. Enjoy this journey.

Being a parent can feel like a lot to carry. It's a lot to hold on to as well. Motherhood is hard to do alone, which is why every mom needs close friendships to help carry each other's burdens. Be humble enough to ask for help but also be there to help a friend in need.

Let's face it, sometimes in the throws of dirty diapers, hauling kids, sibling fight fests and not having a single moment to yourself, you just don't feel like being a mom. But we need to remember that God has promised to satisfy us with good things in giving our lives away. Jesus gave us this helpful, but hard reminder: A good life is found in loving and serving. Sometimes we just need to bring our heart back into that place and pray for joy and peace.

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