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  • Jenny Espino

Quick + Easy Haunted Window Kid's Craft

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

When you have four little ones, craft time needs to be quick, easy and least messy as possible. So when I found out that my two littlest boys were off of school for Columbus Day, I wanted to keep them entertained by creating a craft with them. These ghostly little pieces of art are a great decoration for Halloween, and also document annual growth because the ghost is their hand print. Now you can reminisce about how tiny their little hands used to be for Halloween's in years to come.

Supplies You'll Need:

- 1 Halloween Colored Construction Paper

- 1 Black Construction Paper

- 1 White Construction or Printer Paper

- 6 Jumbo Craft Sticks

- A Sharpie

- A Pencil

- Paint

- Paint Brush

- Glue (you can use hot glue to make the window frame so it's quicker to get started)

- Scissors (not pictured because #mombrain)

First, you want to start off by making the window frame. Depending on your child's age, they can make it. I made one for the baby and Rhett made his own with my help. So, take four of your Jumbo Craft Sticks and lay them out into a square. Put a dot of glue (again, you can use hot glue for this step) on each end of two of the craft sticks and glue them all together.

Then, add your extra two craft sticks to the square. *Tip: You need to connect the bottom stick with the bottom sticks of the square, and the top stick with the top sticks of the square. (I was trying to stick them on the other way and was like, "WHY DOES THIS STICK KEEP POPPING OFF!" Oye.)

While that is drying, go ahead and trace your child's hand with a pencil on the white paper, bringing the wrist side to a rounded point to make "ghosts". Then cut them out with your scissors and draw three ovals with your Sharpie.

Once your window is dry, you can measure out your black piece of construction paper to your window frame. *Tip: Do it before painting... lol

Grab the paintbrush and let your little ones paint to their little heart's content.


Rhett is a very serious artist at work.

While they are painting, you can glue on their white paper ghosts to the black square piece of paper at a diagonal angle.

After their little masterpieces of a window frame are completed, you can place some glue around the sticks and then add the black square with the ghost onto it. *Tip: Make sure you can see the ghost's face popping through one of the squares of the window!

Now, put glue all around the back of the black paper and put it onto your colored piece of construction paper.

....And voila! I super simple, easy craft that children of any age can do! I can't wait to pull these out and see how much bigger their hands grew!

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