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  • Jenny Espino

Rachael Nogle Events Branding

My hairstylist, Rachael is starting a new Day Of Wedding Coordinator and Rental Business! When she came to me, she asked me for a timeless and sophisticated logo with dainty florals. You should definitely check her out as she begins her new venture: @rachael_nogle_events!

Along with my logos, I always provide a Brand Kit so that my clients can easily make the connection between their logos, what color palette we're working with and which fonts. Each font is identified by name and each color is assigned a hex code that can be plugged in to various apps/graphic programs, where you'll get the exact color.

Brand Identity is SUPER important to me. I'm obsessed with aesthetic and I want everything to match and I want people to be able to merely glance at a post or material by the brand and think, "Oh, that's Rachael Nogle Events!" Your brand is literally the face of your company. That's why, with Rachael's package, I created 5 templates that she could use for her social media account using the colors of her brand, as well as the floral element used in the logo.

Hope you like Racheal's Branding Package! As always, CONTACT ME if you need anything in terms of Graphic Design, logos, business cards, shirt design, posters, banners, social media graphics/story templates, invitations or more!

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