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  • Jenny Espino

Simple Decide to Rise MOPS Backgrounds

Hi, I haven't been here in who knows how long. I'm not going to lie, this whole virus and staying inside all the time and being full of worry and caution, with all 4 of my boys home, and me working full time while "watching" them, has taken its toll on me. I try not to complain about it because I know that so many people have it so much worse than I do and are in much worse positions. But at the same time, I've felt like throwing in the towel and just hiding in my room until this thing is over. I stumbled upon TikTok and it's my "vacation" from reality (in making videos and laughing at people's posted videos).

This week, my mom has come over to help occupy the boys (they've literally been running amok for the last three months while I worked). My sanity was weakening and she was able to step in and help for a few days a week for a bit until my sister in law can come over and take over (I'm waiting until after the two big boys online school starts back up to have her come in). Even just having her here this week, has allowed me to breathe. I feel so much more restored and not so burnt out... which is why I felt like I could get back on here and start blogging again! I wanted to start by working on something that is very dear to me, but I've neglected in these last 3 months, I guess due to my overwhelm and depression mode: MOPS!

I created these simple backgrounds for our chapter, as well as other chapters to use for the next MOPS year! You can use these backgrounds for simple social postings, Monday Mingles, scriptures, mom memes, etc. I left space under the MOPS M to allow you to add your own chapter's name. Enjoy!

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