• Jenny Espino

Simple DIY Spring Lemon Wreath

Spring is right around the corner and in my world - that means it's time to start introducing spring decor into my home! I love decorating with pops of yellow, green and white. Lemons are all the rage right now, so this year, I wanted to add some into my home. I started by adding them into this super simple DIY Spring Wreath. Want to make your own? Here's how I did it!

Ok, so I took a quick trip to Michael's and got the following:

- Grapevine Wreath

- Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stemps

- Bushel of Small Lemon Stems

- Premade Ribbon Bow (or you can get some wired ribbon and make your own)

You'll also want some wire cutters and some floral wire.

Start by positioning your wreath to where you want your top/bottom. Grapevine wreaths can be pretty uneven, so I like to take the "lumpy" areas and cover those with the stems/bow.

I like to start by putting the bow on first. Especially since this is going to be designed as an offset wreath (floral design on only 3/4 of the wreath). Then I can build the florals out from the bow.

I simply used the provided twist tie to stick through the branches and twisted the wires in the back tightly. Now, I'm going to take the smallest stem on the faux stem and start with that. You literally just stick the stem into the branches and position it how you want it, and it will stick for you. No glue or anything.

You want to cut each stem from the main faux branch. Then, put it under the one you started from and build from there until you get your desired fullness.

Now, it's time to stick in the lemons! I cut each lemon at the base of it's stick to create a stem to stick into the grapevine wreath.

Then, just stick them wherever you want to fill in empty looking spaces or where you want them to go. I clumped a couple so they didn't look like they were just in one line. Then, hang up and enjoy for the Spring/Summer seasons!

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