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Walmart Wednesday 10.23.19

This week, I went and got some sweaters for the upcoming chilly weather! It seems to me that a lot of people skip right over Walmart as an option for clothing, but because we have approximately 3 stores for clothes shopping in my little town, I go there a lot and browse the racks - especially when I need a quick little escape. I only picked up a few things but I think they are staple pieces that I can use all Fall/California Winter long! What do you think?

First, I couldn't resist this plus size lightweight leopard print kimono! Leopard print is super in - and our Fall/Winters are very mild here. So this will be perfect for keeping me wrapped up, but not burning hot! I wore this and got TONS of compliments on it! Definitely pick one up here!

I've always been a fan of earthy colors, so when I saw this burnt orange long line cardigan that is really soft and cozy, I had to get it! They have it in like four different colors and I actually almost got all of them - but I held back lol I loved the gray and cream, and they also have black - which would be great for an everyday basic cardi. Get it here.

I might also add that I got those stretchy destroyed denim jeans on clearance in my local store for $9 too! YASS! I LOVE the way they fit because they have so much elasticity in them. If you love super destroyed stretchy denim, get them here!

This adorable little open front cardigan is neutral Fall Heaven!! It's super cozy and soft and was less than $20! It's a little on the thicker side, so it's wonderful for the chilly days ahead. Definitely too warm around here to wear right now though. If it's actually chilly enough where you are, you need to pick one up here.

The tank under the cardigan is a muscle tank - MY FAVES and also from Walmart and I got it on clearance at my store for only $1.00. Yes. One. Dollar. It's like the softest t-shirt fabric ever and I did go ahead and get one in all of the colors available... because... one. dollar. I can't find a link to it, so they must have discontinued it :(

Then, there's this wonderful and SUPER soft and cozy sherpa pullover jacket - also under $20! I got gray because it goes with everything, but there's pink, blue and a couple of double color options as well. I've been wearing it in the mornings dropping off the boys to school, coffee in hand. I think this jacket and I are going to form a great relationship. Check it out here.

That's it for this Walmart Wednesday - make sure to check back in next week for more of the cute things I find there for a mama on a budget!

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